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The school tuckshop is open each Wednesday and Friday for ordering from the menu (bag system applies). Orders for prep – year 3 will be collected from their classroom tuckshop box. Orders for years 4 to 7 should be handed directly to the tuckshop. Most of the food sold is made fresh on the premises.

Each Thursday the tuckshop is also open for the healthy sausage sizzle at big lunch. The sausages are low fat and low salt.

Our tuckshop is provided by the Burnett Heads State School P&C Association for the benefit of the children. It relies on a strong team of volunteers to ensure its operation. The menu complies with the Smart Choices - Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Schools.

Where possible, we source supplies from local businesses in our community and we aim to have the freshest of produce.

Volunteers are always welcome. No experience is necessary, just a bit of enthusiasm, a pair of willing hands and a happy smile. When you volunteer in the tuckshop, your child will be allowed one free item from the menu!

We look forward to another year of providing healthy food choices to the students and staff of Burnett Heads State School.

About the Smart Choices strategy

The intent of the 'Smart Choices' strategy is to offer healthy food and drink choices to students in Queensland schools. The primary focus of the strategy is on the foods and drinks supplied by schools to their students. Supply includes those foods and drinks offered for sale to students. School staff are strongly encouraged to assist with implementation of the strategy by modelling healthy eating practices to students. The strategy does not apply to what foods or drinks students or staff bring from home.

As 'Smart Choices' outlines, foods and drinks have been classified into three categories according to their nutritional value: Green, amber and red. Green foods and drinks should be encouraged and promoted, amber foods and drinks should be selected carefully and red foods and drinks should be limited in their supply to no more than two occasions per term. An occasion is any instance where food or drink is supplied to students by the school.

Guiding principles for applying Smart Choices:

Green foods

Encourage and promote these foods and drinks.

These foods and drinks:

  • are excellent sources of important nutrients.
  • are low in saturated fat and/or added sugar and/or salt.
  • help to avoid an intake of excess energy (kilojoules or calories).

Amber foods

Do not let these foods and drinks dominate the choices and avoid large serving sizes.

These foods and drinks:

  • have some nutritional value.
  • have moderate amounts of saturated fat and/or added sugar and/or salt.
  • can, in large serve sizes, contribute excess energy (kilojoules or calories).

Red foods

These foods and drinks are to be supplied on no more than two occasions per term.

These foods and drinks:

  • lack adequate nutritional value.
  • are high in saturated fat and/or sugar and/or salt.
  • can contribute excess energy (kilojoules or calories).